Priorities for General Support

The priorities for support are outlined below. Please [click here] to make a regular or single donation to support Trinity College.

General Purposes


Gifts under this heading are used to fund projects at the College in the current financial year. In recent years they have been used for renovations to sporting facilities and to the Great Court Fountain as well as enhancing student life.

Student Support


Gifts under this heading are used to assist Trinity students and enhance their experience at Cambridge. They have recently been used for the short-term funding needs of individual students, and for travel and study awards.

Access programmes


Gifts under this heading support the College's outreach through a partnership with IntoUniversity to work in educationally disadvantaged neighbourhoods to develop students' skills towards university entry. This is part of the College's ongoing commitment to access, which encourages young people with the academic potential and enthusiasm to apply here, regardless of their school or background.

Trinity in Collegiate Cambridge


Trinity launched the Isaac Newton Trust in 1988 to assist both the University and other Colleges. It runs the Cambridge Bursary Scheme that provides essential means-tested support for students from lower income families across all Colleges. This now gives bursaries worth £7m each year, towards which you can contribute through Trinity. The Trust’s Opportunities Fund primes the pump of new research across the University, especially helping junior dons who find it most difficult to raise external research funding. The Trust gives research support worth £2.4m a year. So it is central to Trinity’s role as a major supporter of the wider Collegiate University. If you want to donate to Trinity for the Trust, you have the option of supporting student bursaries or research opportunities.

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