Why does Trinity need an Annual Fund?

The generosity of past members has furnished the College with a substantial endowment, which provides a steady annual return; however, this income is fully committed to current operational costs. If Trinity is to remain competitive as a world-class institution, supplementary income is required for immediate use to attract and nurture the very best minds.

The Annual Fund provides an additional stream of steady income, allowing the College to do things that would require a far larger endowment gift. For example, while an endowment gift of £80,000 is needed to provide the £3,500 annual return required to fund an undergraduate bursary, the same impact can be achieved from a £3,500 annual donation.

Regular giving to the Annual Fund, even at a modest level, can make a significant difference, particularly when pooled with gifts from other members. Your contribution will allow us to enhance our access, teaching and research efforts to ensure that Trinity remains amongst the world's leading institutions.

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The Annual Fund concentrates on several fields of activity. Please [click here] to discover more.

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